About Me

Hola! Soy Angela. Welcome to my storytelling corner.

I am a New Jersey based photographer and Fulbright Alum who loves traveling and is always on the move…

Two years ago, I picked up photography as the world slowly started to move again after being stuck in a global pandemic. I had received my notice that I would be shipping off to Queretaro, Mexico for my Fulbright grant, a month before I was set to leave. 1 month’s notice that my life was going to change forever. I had been waiting two years to receive that acceptance letter. But we’ll talk more about Fulbright later!


A lot has changed since July 2023 and September 2021. So have I, and so has my style. 


My life has always been full of travels and adventures. Everywhere I go, I find joy in meeting new folks and hearing their stories, and with each place I visit, siempre llevo un recuerdo. 


I will start by taking you back to where it all started: in September of 2021. You can think of this as a retro-photojournal, documenting my time in Mexico during my Fulbright grant with COMEXUS, the challenges I faced, and living and learning about Mexican culture through the eyes of an Adopted Mexican-American 20-something year old. 


I hope you get a ‘feel’ for Mexico, and get to know the people and faces behind its culture, through my lens. Be curious, ask questions, and enjoy!

Con amor, Angelita.